i2 Capital, the Nature Conservancy in Delaware, Environmental Incentives, Quantified Ventures and Stroud Water Research Center are developing an innovative “pay-for-success” conservation finance vehicle to capitalize the Water Fund.  The PFS will provide upfront funding for investment in the Revolving Water Fund model, with repayment contingent upon the model's success in meeting regulatory and cost savings objectives. Slated to close in 2020, the PFS approach reduces risks for municipal and water company purchasers and supports development of ground-breaking conservation innovation.  To date, development funding for the Revolving Water Fund model has been provided by i2 Capital, the William Penn Foundation, the NRCS Conservation Innovation Grants Program, DuPont, and the City of Newark. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at revolvingwaterfund@i2capitalcorp.com.